Powerful insights
that help personalise
cancer care1-6

Like every person every tumour is unique, our high-quality portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling* services help optimise and personalise treatment strategies for patients in diverse clinical situations.7-10

Foundation Medicine® is a world-leading molecular insights company that is making precision medicine a reality for thousands.11

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Our comprehensive genomic profiling approach broadly analyses the tumour genome to identify clinically-relevant genomic alterations and potentially expand patients’
treatment options.1-5

A comprehensive approach to genomic profiling

Our comprehensive genomic profiling approach analyses known cancer-relevant genes as well as tumour mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) in a single test.1,7,9,12,13

Genomic insights that support clinical decision-making

A clear, in-depth report provides insights on a patient’s genomic profile as well as associated targeted therapies, immunotherapies and relevant clinical trials.14

A high-quality portfolio of services

Our high-quality portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling* services helps optimise and personalise treatment pathways for patients in diverse clinical situations.7-10

About Us

As part of our long-standing commitment to pioneering progress in precision medicine, Roche is collaborating with molecular insights leader Foundation Medicine.11 Through this combination Roche is making Foundation Medicine's comprehensive genomic profiling services available to patients outside of the United States. This collaboration combines Roche’s expertise and commitment in oncology with Foundation Medicine’s leading technology, validation, and experience in cancer profiling.11


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*Comprehensive genomic profiling is a tumour testing method that utilises next generation sequencing technology to identify all four classes of alterations across a large set of cancer-related genes (>50) known to drive cancer across tumour types. Comprehensive genomic profiling is a ‘pan-tumour’ approach, or applicable for use across any type of cancer.

TMB reported in FoundationOne®CDx and FoundationOne®Heme. MSI reported in FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne®Liquid and FoundationOne Heme.