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Our high-quality portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling services help optimise and personalise treatment strategies for patients in diverse clinical situations:1-4



Our extensively validated tissue-based test for solid tumours*1,2

  • Based on our analytically and clinically validated, FDA-approved comprehensive platform†2,5,6
  • In a single test, assesses the four main classes of genomic alterations in 324 cancer-relevant genes and reports TMB and MSI1,7
  • Potentially expands your patient's treatment options§7–12


Use FoundationOne®CDx to help guide efficient, personalised treatment decisions2,5



Our liquid biopsy circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) test for solid tumours*3,13

  • Allows genomic profiling when tissue biopsy is not feasible, there is insufficient tissue for analysis and/or when disease progression is suspected13
  • Reports 70 genes3

Use FoundationOne® Liquid to open up the opportunity of comprehensive genomic profiling for more solid tumour patients.3,13

Foundation One Heme


Our test for haematologic malignancies and sarcomas*4

  • Analyses 406 cancer-related genes and reports TMB and MSI
  • Integrates DNA and RNA sequencing for detection of complex genomic rearrangements

Use FoundationOne® Heme for diagnostic, prognostic and predictive insights to support treatment of haematologic malignancies and sarcomas.


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ctDNA: circulating tumour DNA; FDA: US Food and Drug Administration; MSI: microsatellite instability; TMB: tumour mutational burden.

*Foundation Medicine® and FoundationOne® are registered trademarks of Foundation Medicine®, Inc. Roche is the licensed distributor of Foundation Medicine® products outside of the United States.

Clinical validation based on demonstrated concordance with the following companion diagnostics: cobas® EGFR Mutation Test, Ventana ALK (D5F3) CDx Assay, Vysis ALK Break-Apart FISH Probe Kit, therascreen® KRAS RGQ PCR Kit, Dako HER2 FISH PharmDx® Kit, cobas® BRAF V600 Mutation Test, THxID® BRAF kit. For more information please see the FoundationOne®CDx Technical Specifications available at: www.rochefoundationmedicine.com/f1cdxtech.

Base substitutions, insertions or deletions, copy number alterations and gene rearrangements.

§Based on a concordance study with FoundationOne®. FoundationOne CDx leverages the same comprehensive genomic profiling approach and is highly concordant with FoundationOne.